Friday, September 2, 2016

Okay, where was I?

So. After a month of getting fired twice and a week of agonizing, I'm back to where I as before. I still have a day job and I can work from home after the first of the year. I have some assurance that I'll have this arrangement for at least a year. And I can bring home whatever office furniture I have room for.

I have room for a lot of office furniture.

I have Monday off for Labor Day, and I took Tuesday and Wednesday as vacation days. My plan for the looooong weekend is to get my soon-to-be-office painted. I imagine this would be a 1-day job for a lot of people, but ... I'm slow. That's okay. It's going to be fun. Even if it kills me.

I went out and bought paint tonight. Oh, and painting supplies, because my oldest son apparently absconded with all of ours when he moved out. Also lots of things to repair walls. I even found stuff that will fix the popcorn ceiling. It's ugly, but not ugly enough to motivate me to try to scrape it all down. There are two spots where it got water-damaged and patched that are weirdly smooth. So more popcorning. (Wow, that sounds dirty!)

Here's what I'm starting with:

North end of the room

South end of the room

Bannister to the back stairs. I predict this will be the easiest or the biggest pain in the butt.
(I'm hoping I can be persuaded to "let" my daughter paint this.)


The back stairs. There are also front stairs, so no one needs to go tromping through my office. 
They will anyhow, though.

This door is in the center of the room. It leads to a hallway to the rest of the upstairs.

 So. The blue trim is going to be white. The white walls are going to be pale blue. The dark blue shades stay. The dark blue couch goes. (It's not really very comfortable.) The other couch stays, but moves to the north end, at least for now. The floor will eventually be carpeted, and the ceiling fans will be replaced. But those are projects for other weekends. Except that I have to pull off all the baseboards. (At least I can take them outside and paint them standing up.) Also there's a big hole in one wall where a long-ago dog chewed through it. We put a couch in front of it and forgot about it until now. Ugh!

I'm thinking about $1,000 for this whole project. I'm $204. into paint and supplies so far. I should have enough ceiling paint to do my daughter's room, too. Oh, did I mention that she asked to paint her room "while I was at it"? <head-desk>

Five days.

I'm excited.

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