Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cursing in the general direction of the previous owners

Day one of the great remodel went well. I got 90% of everything moved out/sorted/donated. It was surprisingly sad. All these video games that my kids wanted "so bad, just this one thing, please please please ..." now in a box, untouched for years. Same with the Lego sets. Lots of memories. I can't help remembering all the times I had to say "no" because we just didn't have the money. And the times I said "yes" and then skimped at the grocery store or skipped lunches or whatever to make it work.

And the times I was too busy to play board games with my son.

It's been tough.

But -- progress got made, anyhow.

Once upon a time, before we owned this house, someone decided that it would be really cool to make a bulletin board by gluing square cork tiles directly to the wall. I don't know what the hell kind of glue they used, but I can report that it is still going strong. The only way it comes off is with the paint. Ugh.

Starting point

After an hour with a scraper

After the cork is gone, the glue remains. 
I'm almost tempted to varnish over it and call it art.
But ... no. 

This is the outside of the closet door. It's lovely.

This is the inside of that door. The photo does not capture the true horror of the color. 
I don't know why the door is this color.
I'm afraid that at one time the entire room was this color.

This is the biggest of the holes I need to patch ... as far as I know. Except for the one the dog chewed.
I haven't uncovered that one yet. I'm afraid. 

The ceiling in the stairway has been patched. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can
match the "popcorn" pattern. 

Also a big of water damage here. It's old, not an ongoing issue.
Going to popcorn it, too.

So -- lots of work done, lots and lots still to do. Tomorrow is patching and priming day. And possibly prying the baseboard off. Everything needs to get washed down. 

Well begun is half done, right? 


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