Saturday, August 27, 2016

Now in Limbo

Well, this sucks. (Completely whiny post ahead.)

On Thursday I got "let go" -- downsized, laid off, fired. I've worked for this company for 20 years. I understand that they need to downsize. Last month the boss' son told us that we were all fired, and his dad (the boss) immediately told us that no, that wasn't happening and we would all be okay. We could work from home (to save office rent), we might have to cut our hours (which we agreed to) but we would all keep our jobs. Then they looked at the numbers. Nope.They're letting me go, they're asking the other two to cut their hours, and they still thinks the same work will get done. Because the shiny new accounting system the son found will make that all possible, no problem.




On the bright side, the boss is a really good guy. He's already arranged for me to interview for a job with a firm literally right across the hall from where I'm working now. They are good friends of his, they know me, and they're very interested. Of course, this shoots my "working from home" plan in the ass. But it's a job, and I'll probably take it if it's offered.


Buuuuuuuttttt -- here's where things get interesting:

My other co-worker saw the blood in the water after the first time we all got fired and applied for a new job that's very attractive to her. She had a phone interview the same day, a second interview on Friday, and has a third on Monday. She loves almost everything about the job. She has less tolerance for uncertainty than I do. She will probably get the job, and she will probably take it. (And I have no doubt she will be amazing at it.)

Which means there's a very good chance that next Tuesday my boss will ask me to stay at the job he just fired me from.

But I've been fired twice in a month. So I'm more than a little gun-shy. And the boss' son, who is the root of all problems, will still be involved. So do I stay, make the desired transition to work from home, and hope for the best? Or do I keep looking for a new job, which would totally screw them?

Twenty years. Fired twice in a month. Probably about to be re-offered my job. Work from home. Have to deal with the son.

I just want to curl up in the back of my closet and never come out.


I think I have a plan. I think that if my co-worker takes the new job and I am offered the job I just got fired from, I will take it on the following conditions:

1)   That I get a promise IN WRITING that I will be employed (or at least paid) through all of 2017, plus the 3 months of severance I was promised, plus any vacation and sick days I have left. With my insurance paid for all of that time. This takes most of the Crazy Son aspect out of the arrangement.

2) That it is perfectly clear I will ONLY be doing accounting functions, not any administrative support. Basically, that the son will not call and assign me one of his wild-goose-chase research projects, or anything else that does not involve cutting a check or creating a financial report.

I'm not sure the boss will go for this. I'm absolutely certain the son will hate it. But I feel like it's the only way I can protect my own sanity and personal finances going forward. Otherwise I'll search for a new job and they'll have to figure out how to hire and train someone new in this crazy set-up.


Of course, I have nearly three more days to stew about this.

Going back to the closet now.

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