Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beginning again, from the beginning

(Title from a quote by Lewis Carroll)

I'm a writer. Like most writers, I have a day job.

I've been a bookkeeper at a small company for nearly 15 years. It's a wonderful job. Plus it gives our family health insurance. (A big deal.) But now, due to some business changes, we are facing a major transition.

Specifically, if all goes as planned, my co-workers and I will be working remotely after the end of the year.

(There is still some small chance that this will fall apart and we will all be unemployed after the end of the year -- but I am not thinking about that right now!)

Now that I've had a little time to think about this, I've come to this conclusion: This is great!

I won't have to drive in the worst of the winter. I won't have to bundle up and go out in the cold. I just have to put on my slippers and trot down the hall to my office. I don't have to buy dress clothes any more. Or dress shoes. I have basically been gifted an extra 90 minutes every day, the time I will not spend getting dressed or commuting. I am really, really excited about this.

On the other hand ... this means I have zero excuses left to not be completely serious about my writing career. I will have the time. I will have the equipment. My youngest child will be in high school -- which is half a block away, so I won't need to drive her anywhere. If I do writing work during day-job hours, there will be no one looking over my shoulder. I can make phone calls with no chance of being overheard. There's just no reason I can't get my ass in gear and get some serious writing done.

It's wonderful. And it's terrifying. And damn it, I'm going to do it!


Step one is to set up the home office. As it happens, we have a "play room" at the back of the house. It is huge. It can, and has, slept six teenagers. Well, not slept, exactly, but accommodated them while they played video games all night. (They have a lovely smell by morning, by the way. Like a bears' den after a long winter.) All my teens that used the play room have moved out; my daughter doesn't want it and never uses it. So there's lots of space. I can have my own home office.

I can have my own home office.

I am so excited about this I could scream. (I did, actually.) I can give this room a fresh coat of paint and possibly a new carpet, and I can set it up any way I want. I can have houseplants if I can keep them alive. (I generally fail miserably at that.) I have five big windows, two ceiling fans, lots of outlets. I can (probably) bring furniture home from the office, and equipment. I can have my space, my way, and I even can write it off my taxes.

I can have my own home office.

Between now and New Years, I have a ton of work to do. So starting tomorrow I'm going to take and post pictures and share the transition from playroom to office. And then, if all goes well, I'll start the adventure of being a deliberate and dedicated writer.

Ready? Let's go!.

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